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Review-Breaking Point, by Pamela Clare

Denver journalist Natalie Benoit and Deputy U.S. Marshal Zach McBride find themselves captives of a bloodthirsty Mexican drug cartel. Working together, they escape through the desert toward the border, the attraction between them flaring hotter than the Sonoran sun. They fight to stay ahead of the danger that hunts them as forces more powerful than they can imagine conspire to destroy them both... 

Get it:

For our review of BREAKING POINT, we wanted to do something a little different. We were lucky enough to both get copies of the book last week and had to have a little discussion about it. So, we thought we’d just use one of our favorite ways we communicate with each other on an almost daily basis anyway: An Instant Message chat.

Original IM chat between Kristin & Jess on Saturday April 30, 2011.

Jess: So, Kristin...first thoughts after finishing the book?  Mine was - IT'S OVER ALREADY?!!!

Kris: Mine was: Jess Reads WAY faster than me, but this was one time I was okay with reading slow :)  

Jess: I didn't really know what to expect from Natalie. I had this pre-image of her being this delicate little southern belle.  Her strength was really surprising.

More than once when they were walking to the boarder I kept thinking "I would SO be complaining my ass off right now."
And she didn't!  One of my fav heroine's.  Maybe my most fav from the I-Team

Kris: My only real vision for Natalie was based mostly off of her Facebook profile picture. Lol
But seriously, I didn't feel like I knew very much about her at all, and within like two chapters, I was already falling in love with her. She was just likeable. :)  

Jess:  Same here. She was very easy to love and root for.  I figured she had some tragedy related to Katrina, but the extent of it was so horrible. I didn't expect her past to be that bad.  I wanted to hug her hard.

Kris: Oh GEEZ! Yeah, obviously we're not getting into spoiler territory here, but yeah...POOR NATALIE! To know at the beginning that she was a Hurricane Katrina survivor was one thing, but for everything ELSE she went through at the same time, and all she lost. It was probably the saddest past of any of the heroines so far.

Jess: And poor Zach and his flashbacks. They really were a great couple together, strong when they needed to be and able to let themselves be vulnerable with each other. Those were my fav parts.

Kris: And MAN does Zach get vulnerable…just like Pamela said he would. I definitely wanted to hug him throughout this book.

So when we Skyped with Pamela...*puts on fangirl hat* (YES, JESS AND I SKYPED FOR TWO HOURS WITH PAMELA FREAKING CLARE!!!!)  We started by talking about our first page bookmark. What was yours again?

Jess: "Grey eyes stared intently into hers, and she forgot to breathe." THAT was my first bookmark!  When she took off his blindfold and they saw each other for the first time.
I'd forget to breathe too if I was staring at Zach (Jed!)

Kris: Ha! Yes…the man (men) is droolworthy!

Jess: Yours?

Kris: Mine was after Natalie fired a gun (won't say what or if she hit something...)
Zack says: "I think I'm in love." To which Natalie replies: "I think I'm going to be sick."
I don't know why that just made me bust out laughing!

Jess: Haaa! They had some great lines like that throughout the whole book!

Kris: They did! I think some of their humor was a way they stayed sane...or at least, it would if it were me.

Jess:  I also loved the balance between Zach and Natalie's main story and how the rest of the I-Team and their hot-hot men were brought into the story

Kris: Totally!!! It's always nice to revisit with our favorite characters, most especially when they involve hot Hunt, Darcangelo and Gabe ;-p

Jess: I have to say...Gabe.  I loved him in his book, but he was amazing in this one!  Just seeing him in the middle of everything with Marc and Darcangelo, loved it.  It was TAKE ACTION Gabe!

Kris: Yes! Gabe was a MAJOR player with Hunt and Julian...he has some pretty heroic scenes that will make Team Gabe quite giddy!

Jess: Yeah, the big scene at the end - he was in the middle of it all.  I expected it from Marc and Julian, but Gabe was badass.

Kris: Gabe and Zach might tie for badass in this book. So was that the scene you referred to as the Ultimate I-Team scene?

Jess: Well, there was the ultimate showdown - we've never had ALL the players fighting together before.
And the fact that we got great scenes with those men, but they didn't overshadow Zach, well done Pamela! 

Kris: Absolutely! She was able to give a lot of the characters shining moments, but never once did I think it took away from the central couple. 

So what was the scene you referred to as THE ULTIMATE I-Team moment?

Jess: The moment: The picture scene.

Kris: Oh...yes, the picture scene. Can you say TEARY EYED!? :(   But in a good way?

Jess: Yes!!  That was easily my most reread scene. Pamela described everything perfectly and it was a great moment for Marc and Julian, as well as for Natalie and Zach.
So, has your "team" changed after this book?

Kris: Well…it has changed...but only because Zach hopped aboard the "Kristin loves Hunt and Julian train" :)   Zach is pretty phenomenal. And my I-Team hottie train has plenty of room for all the I-Team men...and I mean ALL of them! 

(does that make me sound slutty?)

Jess: Yes, you hussy. *she says with love*

Kris: Always with love! 

So, has your “team” changed?  

Jess: Marc will always hold a special place because he was my first, but honestly, I've reread all the books multiple times, and have already reread Zach's. I can't pick a favorite. Don't make me!

Kris: The I-Team men are like Lays potato chips. How can you choose just one!?

And you rightfully have claim to Hunt since I wouldn't have found this wonderful series had you not told me about Unlawful Contact. *bows to the book pimptress*

Jess: Thank you, thank you. I owe it all to random Internet searching and YES that cover.  I admit the blurb and cover sucked me in.

So final thoughts - what would you tell someone about Zach and Natalie's story to make them want to run out and buy the book right now?! 

Kris: Oh wow...I was never good at selling  But I’d say Breaking Point is exactly what every I-Team fan will be hoping for, and all it will take for a newbie to get addicted to this series.

Jess: My final thoughts - this book just gets it right.  The balance between Zach and Natalie's relationship and the suspense was perfect.  There's action, but most important is the emotion.  The emotion between Zach and Natalie makes the story.

Kris: Well I’d buy it!!!

Jess: All the characters connect.  From the main Zach and Natalie relationship to the friendships.  Perfect!

Kris: Did we mention that it's HOT!???

Jess: Oh yeah, SUPER hot!  It goes without saying all the crazy hot sex scenes got bookmarked.

Kris: Don’t they always ;-)



Okay, now that you’ve been subjected to the inner workings of Jess and Kristin’s romance-warped minds, we’ll leave you to go pre-order BREAKING POINT, and enter our I-Team giveaway, if you haven’t already.

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We’ll be choosing winners with on Tuesday May 3, the official release day of BREAKING POINT!


  1. Great interview! I'm dying to read this book. Everyone seems to be reviewing it, and loving it. I keep reading teasers, but I want the freaking book LOL Stop teasing me!!

  2. But teasing can be oh-so-much fun!!! :) You will love this book Betty. Zach and Natalie are so easy to love. Just fantastic!

  3. Great interview. I can hardly wait to read the book.

  4. Great review, Kristin and Jess! Very fun and creative!

  5. Thanks! We just thought this book (and Pamela) deserved something out of the ordinary :) There's just no way to NOT love this book as far as we can see. :)

  6. haha! You ladies are so fun!

    I'm a follower! Even on twitter. ;)


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